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New LedLampe IV from TechTonique
Version "speleo"

2 Seoul Z-Power P7 - narrow & wide beam optics - robust and waterproof aluminium enclosure - unbreakable mineral glass - highly efficient driver - microcontroller - multilevel - programmable - temporary boost mode - supplied by alkaline or lithium primaries, rechargeable NiMH or LiIon - capacity indication  thermal protection - overdischarge protection - non magnetic - compatible with Petzl Aceto - made in Switzerland

!!! Incredible : 210 € / 275 CHF !!!

(*) temporary adaptation because of the increase of the CHF in front of the Euro !


Initially it seemed to be infeasible to developing a headlamp without any concession in terms of efficiency, performance and robustness at an affordable price. In addition, this light should be supplied by commonly used primary and/or rechargeable AA cells. New solutions to optimize the management of lighting and performance were necessary. Today TechTonique is proud to present in detail its fourth generation of LedLampe, providing all these features!



2x Seoul Z-Power P7

P7 is the most powerful LED suited for a headlamp. Each P7 containing four dies of Seoul Z-Power P4.


Narrow and wide beam optics

The wide beam reflector (left) produces a soft and edge free illumination of foreground. Additionally a diffuser film in front of it (not shown) increases the visible illuminated area and avoids glaring even when faced directly vis-`-vis to another person. The narrow beam optic (right) allows to illuminate the background. This optic is covered with a soft diffuser foil (not shown) to smooth out any edges.


High efficiency digitally controled

power conversion

LedLampe IV has a microprocessor for easy control.


Standard functions and boost mode

- four output levels;
- four programmable beam patterns:
wide - medium/wide - medium/narrow - narrow;
- additional boost mode:
during pushing (+) wide beam shuts down and narrow beam delivers maximum power available; releasing the switch returns to preset level and pattern;
- battery test: the helmet remains on your head, switch lamp off and push (-) shortly. The light flashes 1 to 4 times indicating 1/4 to 4/4 of remaining capacity;
- locked off state to avoid unintended activation of the lamp.

Some functions are managed automatically and imperceptibly by the microprocessor e.g. overtemperature and overdischarge protection.


Primary and rechargeable batteries

LedLampe IV can be used with four primary batteries in series (alkaline or lithium 1,5V), with four rechargeable NiMH (1,2V) or with two cells LiIon (3,7V) in series. Our low price concept allows usage of helmet mounted battery boxes like Fixo Duo Petzl. which is used commonly.

If you havent your own box, we can deliver this box with your LedLampe IV.

TechTonique actually develops a LiIon pack for LedLampe IV.

Runtime (hours)
Battery types

4 rechargeable AA** / HR6 NiMH 1,2V 2800 mAh

2 sets of 4 AA** / HR6 NiMH 1,2V 2800 mAh ***
4 Primary AA** / FR6 Li 1,5 V 3000 mAh
1 pack Li-Ion 18650 7,4 V 2600 mAh (2 cells)

(*) Approaching end of battery runtime the light switches down to the next lower level to allow extended period of usage.

(**) Battery size AA is the one used for Fixo Duo Petzl..

(***) This is the recommended solution. If you use the battery box of Fixo Duo Petzl. and carry a 2nd set of four modern NiMH AA cells, you will have enough light reserve for nearly every point of a cave to reach back to the entrance safely. Modern NiMH batteries have increased capacity and low self discharge rate; a big pack of four LiIon 18650 delivers about the same runtime as three sets of modern NiMH AA cells.


Unlimited light >1000 lumens

TechTonique follows the strategy to use LEDs inside a power range with high light efficiency and to optimize headlamps towards the main usage. Level 1 through 4 of LedLampe IV are optimized with respect to efficiency and cover a reasonable range of light for caving trips. Nevertheless boost mode allows output of a huge amount of light, which is limited by the power of the batteries only. Naturally this maximum output draws from battery life heavily and should be used for short term only. If LedLampe IV is programmed to double peak power, boost mode even allows to feed both P7 in parallel at their maximum currents outputing more than 1000 lumens!!! But would this be reasonable usage of a headlamp?

All testers and users state that LedLampe IV is much brighter than they could have imagined before and is really bright enough...

Aluminium enclosure and unbreakable mineral glass

LedLampe IV is designed for heavy environment, the metallic enclosure and the unbreakable mineral glass allows tough treatment  but never the less it is lightweight. Even the switch is robust type though it is mounted on the safe back side of the enclosure.


Helmet mount is identical to Fixo Duo Petzl.

LedLampe IV can be mounted onto the existing mounting holes of a Fixo Duo Petzl. - no further holes must be drilled into the helmet. The placement of the mounting holes is authorized by Petzl. for Ecrin Roc and Vertex. Some competitors use their specific placements  annulling certification and guarantee of the helmet!


Compatible with Petzl Aceto

LED headlamp versus carbide lamp  two totally different sensations. LedLampe IV allows enjoying both...

First headlamp with "Open Source"

We plan to distribute in the internet all information needed to encode your own programs for the micro controller of LedLampe IV... And we implemented a big memory to allow very sophisticated programs too!

Made in Switzerland

For Switzerland, payment is within 10 days after receiving the goods.
For all other countries, and unless otherwise agreed, the payment is by bank transfer or by dispatch of a cheque. We also accept payment in Euro. Delivery immediately after receiving the payment.
Shipping fees are charged according to the rate of Swiss Post.



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